Real estate investing has cycle’s impartial similar slightly former business the stock market has its cycles. We experienced that after the September 11th Tragedy. Only less than two years prior, we saw a peak in the stock market with high tech stocks soaring and making stock market investors ‘paper rich.’ The stock market has its ‘ups’ and it’s ‘downs.’

Modern real estate thrives on doing things smarter, wiser, strategically – not harder, more time consuming, with profit-eating outcomes. At the end of the day, the key to success is to focus on being a ‘great entrepreneur.’ I asked an experience investor real estate owned about a quarter of Blacksburg, Virginia what his specialty was in real estate investing and his response was not that he was good at Lease Options, Wholesaling, Short Sales, REOs, Rehabs, Notes, Residential, Land Developments, or Commercial real estate. But he said he was an ‘expert at making money.’ We both laughed at that but I will never forget that conversation. You need to know about the marketplace and technical factors involved in a deal, but your main duty whenever you are investing is always to make money. Thus, at the end of the day, your job is to make money in ‘up’ as well as ‘down’ markets. And real estate focus on being a ‘great entrepreneur,’ you’ll be able to make money with many techniques, strategies, and skill sets to be successful in any market.

Minh is formally trained as a financial planning strategist for small businesses and individuals within the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas; Minh is also recognized as a real estate investment lecturer on the topics of creative real estate investing. He is the author of a Best-Selling Course, “Turnkey Profits Using Lease Purchase and Other Creative Investing Techniques.” Minh is also a co-author of a national best seller: Mission Possible alongside Stephen Covey author of ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Brian Tracey international top ranked motivational speaker. He is also an active member of three real estate investing associations in the Greater Metro Washington DC areas.

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